-Best Fit

by Melissa

General characteristics of the neighborhood:

This neighborhood is both business but also residential. there are many houses on one side and businesses on the other. The houses are one family brick houses that are connected. Then there are also may different businesses there ranging from car repair to restaurants. However, there is not too much leisure there. The neighborhood is by a large road as well so there is much noise and it sometimes bothersome.

Block and Lot Number: 2451 and 6

Size of lot: 100.51' x 100' x100' x 115.17

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satellite image


Street view


tax map

Needs assessment:

1. A description of what the neighborhood already has.
The neighborhood around this area is mostly business on one side and houses on the other. There seem to be little to no homes there. It is a very mixed place. Around this lot, you can find many different things to do. You will have some supermarkets, motels, auto repair shops, car dealer ships, some shopping, restaurants, gas stations, banks, and so on. There are some apartment buildings as well. Most or all of these buildings are low rise. They don’t seem to go above ten stories, some are only two or three stories high. The houses on the other side seem to all be one family houses. They are pretty small and they are attached. There is also a school by there too. It is a small school though. Then also near that school, there is a middle school which seems to be larger. There is some leisure though. There is a bar and bowling place across the boulevard/ street and there is a fitness place as well (Bally Fitness).
2. An analysis of what the neighborhood needs.

This neighbor needs more leisure. There are many houses and schools around the area but it is mostly business. This place needs more places o shop and more hospitals,doctors and etc. First this place needs more leisure for the kids. They could have book stores, candy shops, or some places to eat and hang out in after school. However, there should be more places for the adults to have fun too. Then there needs to be a hospital or doctors office because there is none there yet. This way things are easier for the families living there.

Buildings and architects that provide inspiration

This is one building that inspires me. It think that it is great because it is playful, modern and really unique. It shoes that you can really make places fun to look at and fun to be in. It makes me want to have my design something that played with the shape of the building, but still making sure that it is sturdy and wonk fall over It makes me want to play with the shape of the building to make it fun on the outside and hopefully the inside as well.
i also really liked this home. It is also modern but it shows something that i think is totally different from the one above. this is also modern, but it is for sophisticated, clean, neat, and bright looking. It helps to show the many different aspects of modern architecture and helps me think of ideas as well. It makes me think that the design could also be very clean and simple, but also very modern and nice.

This is also another home that inspires me. It is really beautiful. It is modern et still traditional. It shows how even when you are mixing modern and traditional it can be really beautiful. it is also great because you can add more or less of the modern or traditional aspects to fit your style better or even the style of the neighborhood. If for example you wanted to have a modern structure in a traditional neighbor hood, you could add little bits of modern in the architecture. It makes me want to have both the aspects in my structure and have them work really nicely together.


This is a really fun looking modern style building. this is really great and inspires me to play with the design of the building. It is really great because i think that the design is so simple and clean but also very unique and fun looking. It inspires me to play with the walls or the exterior of the building. Here it shows that the shape of the windows can be changed and played with. It shows that it doesn't have to be just a square or a circle. It makes me want to have the outside of the building like this or like something that would go with the theme of the building.

In what ways has this investigation influenced you to design a building for your lot that makes the best fit for your neighborhood.

After the investigation, it really gives me many ideas. This is because i didn't really know what i wanted to build in the neighborhood before and looking at the pictures, it gives me an idea of what kind of design my structure should be and what kind of business it should be and that it should be a business(because it is on the side with all the businesses and schools. Now i have a better idea of what i should have there. I think that the investigation really helped out and that it helped make progress.

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Design Brief:

Problem to be solved:

The problem to be solved, would be that the neighborhood needs to have more leisure. This area does have many businesses and families as well. Even though, there may be many businesses, there arent many places for the families or the children to have fun after school or to go to on weekends, without going to some place far away. The building that is to be created there needs to be someplace that is fun for both families and kids and their friends on weekends and after school. This place needs t look nice and appealing to students(teens) and families, while also keeping a little bit of the traditional aspects of the other buildings as well.



  • must include both the modern aspects of the other building in the neighborhood as well as modern aspects
  • must include something fun for the students to play after school ( an arcade? )
  • must have affordable snacks for the students to buy after school.
  • must have affordable, family friendly meals and environment for the families to have lunch/ dinner at
  • must have a bright, relaxing, and comfortable area for students(or adults?) to do work in


  • The footprint of the building must be within the lot
  • The height of the building is constrained to any zoning requirements in the neighborhood.

Description of Three Possible Designs
Design #1

(Write description below.)

This design is very plain but has many fun colors to it. It has many round and square windows to let in lots of light so this is a fun, inviting place for people of any age to come in and to have fun. this p-lace is fun to look at and is also eye catching. It does have an area on the roof to eat or hang oiut but that it limited because there is just one long room on the roof (with no roof) tolet this be a open, but safe environment for children.
Design #2

This is also a pretty plain building. It is also very boxy a the bottom, but also contains many windows, to let in the light amd make this a warm, inviting place to be and to have fun in. this building however does have an open roof where kids and grown-ups alike can hang out and have fun, or where families eat. It is also pretty safe because there is a ten foot fence to ensure safety. The outer walls are a little fun with the colors, but they are still made of bricks to keep it similar to the neighbor hood so this place does not stand out too much.

Design #3

This is a very unique building. It is a hexagon and it is made of all glass. It is very modern, and it is definitely very bright. It is fun to look at and very different from the other buildings. It is made from two different colors of glass and everythind is glass the walls and the doors. there are no windows though because it is already so open and bright. 

Identify the Best Design:

The best design would have to be design two. It is the box ;like building with fun windows and unique walls.

Justify Your Choice:

The second design was the best because it contained what was needed in the design brief. IT merged the traditional and the modern styles, with the cool colored brick walls and the fun windows with the out door / roof top open area.